A new way of business, a new way of living.

In simplest terms, we’re a team of idealists. From our designs to our materials, to our vendors, to our partners, to our designs, we dream and we ideate again and again—and again—until our products have been refined into something superb, affordable, thoughtful, and creative. Goods that empower everyday people to lead better lives.

As modern foodies and meticulous artists, we’re obsessed with the details. As friends, we value integrity and truth. As people, we believe creativity and a focus on real-world impact can enrich the world in small ways, rippling into healthy, daily habits.

House + care = Ausker.

From Malta to Iceland, the United States to Singapore, our goods have reached more than 70 countries. Yet, even though our team and our products are distributed globally, we still behave and think as a family.

Our name represents this idea, a combination of the phonetics behind “house” and “care.” Our aim is to embody the warmth, honesty, and acceptance of the spaces we share, unified around the world by common passions for food, wellness, creativity, and community.

Goods for the world.

All Ausker products are produced and distributed with a consideration for ecological impact. We choose our partners and materials based on ethics, sustainability, and longevity.

That’s why our collections are named so simply: We don’t bother with varied colors or designs. Each product is created with the newest, most potent technologies, and engineered to last for decades of regular use.

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