Meat cooking guide

We wanted to give a perfect cooking guide for those carnivores out there. Here is the ultimate list for different meat cooking temperatures, so you’ll always have your food the way you want it!

Your perfect steak:
Blue 110° – 120° Fahrenheit (43° – 49° Celsius)
Rare 120° – 130° Fahrenheit (50° – 55° Celsius)
Medium 135° – 150° Fahrenheit (58° – 65° Celsius)
Well Done 155° Fahrenheit (68° Celsius) and over

When cooking steak, we suggest you never go over 155°F. Most other cuts, for example roasts, require higher cooking times to allow collagen and fats to melt properly.

Cooked Beef Steak on a Grill

A veal steak should always be eaten medium or done. Average minimum temperature is 150° Fahrenheit (65° Celsius). Other cuts can require a longer cooking and higher temperatures.

Pork should never be eaten raw and internal temperature always needs to be over 158° Fahrenheit (70° Celsius). Some cuts, like fillet, can have a pink heart, but never eat pork with a temperature lower than 150° Fahrenheit (65° Celsius).

Pork fillet served on a plate

As per the veal, different cuts require different temperatures. But if you are looking for the perfect lamb chops, with a red heart, your target is 145° Fahrenheit (62° Celsius).

For a succulent chicken breast, nicely cooked and with a humid meat, the perfect temperature is 165° Fahrenheit (73° Celsius).

Roasted chicken with vegetables

If you are looking for a restaurant style duck breast, your goal is to reach 130° Fahrenheit (54°Celsius). For a roasted duck, depending on taste, temperature vary from 165° to 180° Fahrenheit (from 72° to 82° Celsius).

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