The Grill Pan


For those who believe grill marks are a cook’s true signature, the Ausker Grill brings ridged innovation into the home.


The #11


11×11 in


2 in


2.2 lbs


Die-cast aluminum bodies

Employing a unique aluminum alloy, the body of every Ausker pan is injected into a mold before cooling—a process that ensures quick and consistent heat distribution, along with resistance to shock and warping amidst temperature shifts.

Peek Non-Stick Technology

The coat is fabricated with a triple-layer application, which is followed by a double-cooking process for unfaltering resilience. As the molecules set, they interlock to form a robust, dimpled cooking surface that’s been proven to outlast anything else on the market.
The result is a finish that’s over ten times more scratch-resistant than typical three-layer PTFE coating, and over 35 times more scratch-resistant than ceramic.

Radical heat conduction on any stove

Thanks to the higher amount of steel, induction will require less energy—and therefore less money. Better for your budget and the environment.
Our grill is dynamically thin and formed from die-cast aluminum, which is still the most conductive material per pound on earth. Ideal for holding and conducting heat with powerful efficiency. 

The detachable bakelite handle

Comfortable removable bakelite handle designed to save space in your pantry and to offer you a quicker and easier cleaning.

The Draining Channels

Often grease is a problem during cooking fattier cuts of meat. So, in order to easily get rid of all that unwanted fat, we included two pour spouts.

The Grill Pan


For those who believe grill marks are a cook’s true signature, the Ausker grill pan brings ridged innovation into the home.


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The Grill Pan