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Watch How These Brilliantly Designed Pots, Pans and Grills Completely Revolutionize Cooking In The Kitchen!

“These are the BEST pots and pans I have EVER owned!” – Tina K.

Amazon Best Sellers Ausker

Amazon Best Sellers

The quality of Ausker knife sets has topped the charts on Amazon, and are used in the best American and European kitchens.

$245,000 of enthusiasm

We have continuously sent pots, grills and pans through Indiegogo and Kickstarter. All to satisfy the culinary passion of hundreds of people. Like you.

Happy Clients Ausker

10,000+ happy customers

More than 10,000 happy customers worldwide: this is the result of the unmistakable quality of our products and the hard work of our customer service.

The Ausker Difference



Stainless Steel Base

Coupled with our high quality Aluminium Body, we added a special and thick reinforced stainless steel bottom. This will grant a faster heat distribution, allowing these products to cook greatly with gas, ceramic, induction, electric or any other cooking technology.

Detachable Handles For Easy Storage

With just one click, storing what it used to be an unpleasant big block of space, will no longer be a dread for an organized cabinet.

In addition, for all those who absolutely hate washing pans, this detachable system makes cleaning much easier, comfortable and definitely helps get the job done faster.

By making a detachable handle, our frying pans can also go directly into your oven (use up to 200°C maximum). Now you have no excuse to follow your favorite recipe or you can even reheat your food after a long day of hard work.

Built-In Lid Strainers

In We have designed an innovative lid that suits and adapts to all your daily cooking needs. This lid includes two different strainers for water draining and steam release. You can choose between a fast or a slower draining speed for the perfect dosage. The lid rim is made of silicone in order to achieve the best grip when pouring.

Built-In Spoon Holder

We like to think of every single cooking detail, this is why we thought about those annoying moments where you are cooking in a rush, but can’t find a spot for your spoon, so you end up dripping everywhere. Well, our lid contains a perfect silicone spoon holder that will save your counter from all those messy stains.



Space Saving Design

Nobody likes messy kitchens and unfortunately most of the storage space in every kitchen is taken by pans and pots. Nevertheless, our pots have been designed to create the best experience for you! We chose the most comfortable sizes  and made them compatible so you wouldn’t have to struggle for storage space anymore. Another key thing to remember is that our lids are flat shaped. A shape that has finally been designed for space saving!  

Removable Silicone Handles

For us, comfort comes always first. This is why we have included these silicone handle holders for the best grip. Our goal is to simplify your life as much as possible so we made them detachable to make cleaning easier.

Dual Grease Pour Spouts

Often grease is a problem during cooking fattier cuts of meat. So, in order to easily get rid of all that unwanted fat, we included these two pour spouts. This grill is not only an item to impress your friends, but it also comes in a very comfortable size!


5 Layer Non-Stick Coating

We teamed up with the top quality Swiss brand ILAG, offering the highest quality of nonstick coating. We have chosen the Granitec technology for each of our pans and pots. This consists in a five-layer nonstick coating, reinforced by ceramic scratch proof particles that are able to endure any intense use. Because of its multi- layered system and the ceramic reinforcement, we guarantee a long lifetime and the best abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Die Cast Aluminium

All our Frying Pans and Pots are made with a Die Cast Aluminium Body. This is our special aluminium alloy and thanks to its high quality, it is extremely resistant to impacts and cannot be deformed. This assures a long lasting family of products.

Our special Aluminium Alloy contains high conductivity, allowing the heat to spread evenly throughout the entire surface. This upgrades the cooking experience to a much higher level while giving you more control over your food.

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Non Stick Tests

In order to make our non-stick property so long lasting, we tested our prototypes continuously over a certain period of time. All our non-stick tests were combined with mechanical and chemical abuse to simulate a typical long-term household use and test if the most common cooking ingredients will stick over time.

Corrosion Tests

It is very common to use extremely corrosive ingredients such as tomatoes, salt, vinegar and different spices. Some recipes require long cooking hours within high temperatures. Combining this process along with corrosive ingredients damages average coatings. We tested Granitec in terms of resistance to blistering, undermining, staining and other defects.

Corrosion Tests

Abrasion resistance refers to the capability of coatings to withstand superficial rubbing and scratching without being worn away. Thanks to reinforcing additives and the special ceramic particles, Granitec showed a considerably higher quality surface hardness and wear resistance than any other average coatings.

LGA Abrasion Test: This test uses a special mixture of steel balls and water, a mixture which heavily abuses the coating. These items are then positioned onto an orbital shaking machine at a speed of 300 rpm for 15, 30 and 45 minutes.

MTP Abrasion Test: The test uses a special rotating “head” to which three ballpoint pen refills are attached under a specific load. The items are positioned on a hotplate and brought up to a temperature of 200°C while the hotplate is moving back and forth.

British Standard Abrasion Test: This test uses a specified Scotch-Brite pad, which is rubbed back and forth on the coating and combined with water and detergent. The test tries to simulate the cleaning and scrubbing action on cook- and bakeware.

Dry Abrasion Test: This test uses an abrasive pad that rotates on the coating under a certain load and a certain speed. The number of rotations carried out to expose the substrate is an indication of lifetime expectation.

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