What does “deglaze a pan” mean?

Meat in a pan with deglaze sauce

The cornerstone of sauces and gravies, the term “deglaze” comes from the French word “déglacer”. It is a very common culinary technique used to create magnificent sauces for meats. After cooking a cut of meat (roast, steak, cutlet …), this must be removed from the pan where it was cooked and set aside. All cooking … Read more

Meat cooking guide

Barbecue meat on a grill beef pork chicken

We wanted to give a perfect cooking guide for those carnivores out there. Here is the ultimate list for different meat cooking temperatures, so you’ll always have your food the way you want it! Beef Your perfect steak: Blue 110° – 120° Fahrenheit (43° – 49° Celsius) Rare 120° – 130° Fahrenheit (50° – 55° … Read more

Sous vide cooking

Raw Salmon with lemon

Sous-vide is a cooking and preservation technique first elaborated by Benjamin Thompson at the end of the 18th century and then perfected in the sixties. “Sous vide” means “under vacuum” in French. It consists in storing food in special plastic bags and extracting as much air as possible with a vacuum sealing machine. Generally, the vacuumed … Read more

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